Craft: Culture/Counterculture





18 September 2009

Last night I participated in my first juried show—Craft: Culture/Counterculture, the exhibition of a collection of 20 works by Manitoba Crafts Council members (the 2009 juried exhibition). The theme was intended to “reflect the dual role that craft objects, materials, and techniques can play: creating and affirming the every-day, expressing something of our identity; and/or challenging cultural assumptions, expressing more idiosyncratic visions of the world, and manifesting the creative shadow side of mainstream society.” My piece, Peer Pressure, acts as a social commentary on the failure of corporatism and the workaholics who drive themselves down along with sinking enterprise.

Photos: Moi, admittedly glowing a bit… my friend Kelli Rey’s beautifully expressive Poodle Herd and Friends #2 (I studied ceramics with Kelli Rey at University back in the day), and Tibor Bodi (a long-time designer friend of Rob’s who he also climbs with on occasion) with Voice of America 1956, (a compelling piece that recalls the propaganda wars Tibor experienced while living in Budapest as a child). View many more photos from the show on Adrian Shum’s Flickr site here.