Best wishes for the New Year…

31 December 2008

Well, another wonderful year has come and gone… I hope it was a good one for you too. As I look forward to a creative, project-filled new year, many ideas are roaming around my head (and bumping into each other). It’s time to bring these into the studio and see what they look like in person. “We” hope to see you soon… and in the meantime, best wishes to all…

A wintery forecast…

20 December 2008

Though the weather is somewhat frightful, a wee trip could be delightful… so, if you’re still looking for unique last-minute gifts and stocking-stuffers for that special someone, there’s a good stock of vessels, uncultured enigmas, pyxides, match-bowls, necklaces, pendents, buttons and such just awaiting your visit—What? greeting cards have also proved popular this season, and a number of larger sculptural pieces are nearing completion.

I’ll be in or around the studio for the next four days (the wood-stove keeps things toasty warm)… so please feel free to drop by for a visit, take a look at my wares (and enjoy a hot mug of tea or a seasonal libation if you like :-). If you’re making the trip from the city, please feel free to call in advance: 782 3077.

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