Celebrating the 10th WAVE Artists’ Studio Tour

275 Eaton Street, studio on the left... hat on the Inukshuk = "artist is in."

This year the new workshop doubled as a sculpture gallery...

'Domestic Goddess,' pointed to the great weekend weather...

Works in progress—in the kiln.

Works in progress—on the ware cart and studio shelves.

Adrian Shum, one of the Saturday visitors, shot a bunch of images (always interesting to see how others see one's studio) which he posted in a Flickr gallery (click on this collage image for the link).

13 June 2011

Thanks to everyone who came out for a visit and helped make the celebration of the 10th annual WAVE Artists’ Studio Tour a success. The weather was perfect (which no doubt had some folks heading for the beaches)… lots of lovely exchanges with visitors, and even sold some things. A success all around… see a gallery of additional images here.