A wintery forecast…

20 December 2008

Though the weather is somewhat frightful, a wee trip could be delightful… so, if you’re still looking for unique last-minute gifts and stocking-stuffers for that special someone, there’s a good stock of vessels, uncultured enigmas, pyxides, match-bowls, necklaces, pendents, buttons and such just awaiting your visit—What? greeting cards have also proved popular this season, and a number of larger sculptural pieces are nearing completion.

I’ll be in or around the studio for the next four days (the wood-stove keeps things toasty warm)… so please feel free to drop by for a visit, take a look at my wares (and enjoy a hot mug of tea or a seasonal libation if you like :-). If you’re making the trip from the city, please feel free to call in advance: 782 3077.