To what end?



15 February 2016

To what end? This hand-built clay sculpture incorporates antique iron callipers on a turned wooden base with bronze metal details.

580mm high x 255mm diameter

A heartfelt invite… WAVE Artists’ Studio Tour.




4 September 2015

Shapely vitrified hearts, crafty pendents, the ever-popular readers, and engaging ceramic sculpture… along with hugs galore, await you! Don’t worry about the rain — make this a weekend to remember! 

Please come out to the 2015 WAVE Artists’ Studio Tour on Saturday, 5 September and Sunday, 6 September (10:00 to 18:00 each day). ‘What? Clay Art & Curios’ is #13 on the tour (click for map).

We live in stories…




7 April 2015

We live in stories… is my latest piece — as of today it’s on exhibit at the Pulse Gallery (The Forks, Winnipeg).

This hand-built kiln-fired clay figure is partially glazed, along with oxide stains and cold finishes, on a stained wooden base (old-growth fir).

Just watch me…




22 March 2015

Just watch me… is one of two sculptures of mine in the WAVE at the WAG exhibit that opened on Friday, a group show in the Winnipeg Art Gallery Shop featuring the work of over 20 Interlake Wave Studio Tour artists.

570mm high x 290mm diameter, hand-built clay figure (glazed, oxide stains, and cold finishes), a turned wooden base, and assemblage with found miniature roller skates.

“Too often, we hear from others that we are incapable of, or unsuited for, things we haven’t done before. In the absence of external motivation, we are left to draw on inner resources to achieve the unexpected.
You go, Girl!”

Question Everything




20 March 2015

Currently on display at the Winnipeg Art Gallery Shop, Question Everything is one of two sculptures of mine in the WAVE at the WAG exhibit that opened this evening, a group show featuring the work of over 20 Interlake Wave Studio Tour artists.

800mm high x 290mm x 290mm, the piece is comprised of a hand-built clay figure (fired with oxide stains), a waxed wooden base and turned collar, and assemblage with copper and steel findings.

WAVE at the WAG is on until Sunday, 12 April — drop by the WAG if you have the chance.

Studio time…



14 February 2015

Cold winter days help drive me to the studio. Thanks to my trusty wood stove, indoor conditions are pleasant even when the wind and blowing snow are howling outdoors…

A variety of new sculptures are completed or in the works (several pieces will be unveiled at the Winnipeg Art Gallery on Friday, 20 March 2015 — further details to follow).

Common Ground




11 October 2014

My latest sculpture, Common Ground, is a hand-built ceramic piece (385mm x 220mm x 360mm, base 330mm x 207mm x 105mm) with a silver cold finish and parts of an antique meat grinder, mounted on a stained wooden base/bed.






5 September, 2014

“Never interrupt someone doing something you said couldn’t be done.”
—Amelia Earheart

My latest… (work in progress).




7 August, 2014

Come see what I’ve been up to at the upcoming Wave Artists Studio Tour, August 30 & 31 (Saturday and Sunday), 10:00 – 18:00.

What? Clay Art & Curios is # 13A on the map.

Unabashedly Amorous



15 March 2014

Ready to go on display at the Winnipeg Art Gallery Shop, Unabashedly Amorous is my latest completed sculpture. 540mm high x 330mm diameter, the piece is a ceramic sculpture (fired with glazes and stains, completed with cold finishes) on a polychromed, turned wooden base.

There’s a time to be shy about love… and there’s a time to wrap yourself in its warm embrace.

The vernissage for ‘Put the Art in Heart: WAVE at the WAG’ is on Wednesday, 9 April, 18:00 to 21:00. See you there?

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