14 September 2008

Over the past month I’ve created numerous pieces (in collaboration with my boyfriend) that combine thrown stoneware vessels with beach findings (coral and/or pebbles). A selection of works from this series—which we’ve called “Zenish” (approaching “zen,” but perhaps more “wabi-sabi”)—is now available at the Fishfly Gallery in Winnipeg Beach. These pieces were an exercise in contemplation—combining natural findings with man-made form… the tactile end-results were surprisingly rewarding to mind and spirit… 

Above: Zenish; generous thrown stoneware basins (200mm to 250mm Ø ) fused with merged beach findings; some low-fired to Cone 04 with burnished steel glaze, others wood-fired to Cone 12+ (unglazed, but flame-kissed with warm blushes and ash). 

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