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7 August, 2014

Come see what I’ve been up to at the upcoming Wave Artists Studio Tour, August 30 & 31 (Saturday and Sunday), 10:00 – 18:00.

What? Clay Art & Curios is # 13A on the map.

Unabashedly Amorous



15 March 2014

Ready to go on display at the Winnipeg Art Gallery Shop, Unabashedly Amorous is my latest completed sculpture. 540mm high x 330mm diameter, the piece is a ceramic sculpture (fired with glazes and stains, completed with cold finishes) on a polychromed, turned wooden base.

There’s a time to be shy about love… and there’s a time to wrap yourself in its warm embrace.

The vernissage for ‘Put the Art in Heart: WAVE at the WAG’ is on Wednesday, 9 April, 18:00 to 21:00. See you there?

No Regrets



10 February 2014

My latest piece, No Regrets, is on display at the Cre8ery in Winnipeg as a part of the annual For the Love of Craft exhibit of the Manitoba Craft Council (open until 18 February). This hand-built ceramic sculptural piece (270mm x 490mm) is finished with fired glaze and stains, and includes assemblage elements — wooden Scrabble tiles, bicycle spokes, and a turned wooden base.

Awaiting Serendipity




27 December 2013

My latest commission, Awaiting Serendipity, was completed and delivered just in time for Christmas. A hand-built ceramic sculptural piece (345mm x 180mm x 435mm) it’s glazed in antique silver and includes an old hand drill, mounted on a wooden base.

Yours truly… on Breakfast TV


Winnipeg, Manitoba

In case you’re not an early riser, live outside of southern Manitoba, or, like me, you don’t own a television, here’s a link to the interview that CityTV did with me on 23 August 2013.

Jack… Master of None



24 July 2013

Jack… Master of None is my latest figurative sculptural piece, showing at the Pulse Gallery (the Forks) Winnipeg as of tomorrow. Jack is quintessentially Canadian — a “type eh” personality who takes himself somewhat lightly. Hand-built fired clay figure/assemblage with turned wooden elements, shoe stretchers, and knife-blade propeller; oxide stains and cold finishes. 250mm diameter x 500mm height

WAVE Artists Studio Tour… 8/9 June


Please come for a visit (10:00 to 18:00 on Saturday and Sunday)!

Download a map of participating studios here.

for Olivia




21 May 2013

for Olivia [a memento]   This is a recently commissioned figurative ceramic sculpture created as a “memory piece” for a grand-daughter’s 18th birthday/graduation… 210 x 180 x 270 mm.

Studio Surfing


A lovely article about the Manitoba Interlake WAVE Artists’ Studio Tour appeared in a recent issue of CAA’s Going Places magazine. You can view or download a PDF of the article (4.4MB) here or by clicking on the cover image above.

Pencil in the dates for the next Tour9-10 June 2013, 10am to 6pm.

Others dream alone.




28 April 2013

Others dream alone. This piece speaks to the greater power of collective visioning and the realization of communal imagination. Individual dreams come in many sizes—common dreams move well beyond measurement.

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