Happy autumn, Everyone!


23 September 2018

Well, it’s been a while, but I am back in the studio (after a year of Sabbatical). It feels good!

My studio is sporting a new roof, and I am putting up the storm windows in preparation for what they say will be a cold winter. Wood has been stacked for the stove, and my mind is a clutter of ideas… waiting to be “realized” as figurative sculptures. I am feeling the need for some new “studio buddies,” so let the work begin!

I’m getting back into the feel of clay by shaping a new batch of “Readers,” as most of the previous iterations were adopted by WAVE tour visitors during the summer, and there are folks who want some prior to Christmas. 

Best wishes!


Rejoice, rejoice…



2 September 2016

Rejoice, rejoice — you have no choice…  Hand-built figurative ceramic sculpture with cold finishes; assemblage with ornate antique bird cage, silver-plated dish, and hexagonal hardwood base.

410mm high x 300mm diameter

When Pigs Fly




1 September 2016

When Pigs Fly is a new sculptural commission I have just completed. Five hand-built winged pigs (in a burnished metallic-silver cold finish) erupt upwards from a tiered, turned wooden base with metal findings. Each pig featues a “piggy-bank” coin slot on its back. Interpretation is open to the viewer…

340mm high x 250mm diameter

Carrot & Ginger




23 March 2016

Carrot & Ginger A hand-built clay sculpture with cold finishes on turned mahogany/teak base, with copper findings — this piece was selected for inclusion at the 2016 WAVE at the WAG exhibition, and can be viewed at the Winnipeg Art Gallery until 17 April.

675mm x 340mm x 220mm

“Sometimes, it’s really just a matter of getting started.
‘Slow and steady’ has its well-earned place, but without the motivation to start, you’re not even in the race.”

Work in progress…





27 February 2016

Winter weather provides a great motivation to work in the comfort of my wood-heated studio… half a dozen sculptures underway or completed since New Year’s day!

To what end?



15 February 2016

To what end? This hand-built clay sculpture incorporates antique iron callipers on a turned wooden base with bronze metal details.

580mm high x 255mm diameter

A heartfelt invite… WAVE Artists’ Studio Tour.




4 September 2015

Shapely vitrified hearts, crafty pendents, the ever-popular readers, and engaging ceramic sculpture… along with hugs galore, await you! Don’t worry about the rain — make this a weekend to remember! 

Please come out to the 2015 WAVE Artists’ Studio Tour on Saturday, 5 September and Sunday, 6 September (10:00 to 18:00 each day). ‘What? Clay Art & Curios’ is #13 on the tour (click for map).

We live in stories…




7 April 2015

We live in stories… is my latest piece — as of today it’s on exhibit at the Pulse Gallery (The Forks, Winnipeg).

This hand-built kiln-fired clay figure is partially glazed, along with oxide stains and cold finishes, on a stained wooden base (old-growth fir).

Just watch me…




22 March 2015

Just watch me… is one of two sculptures of mine in the WAVE at the WAG exhibit that opened on Friday, a group show in the Winnipeg Art Gallery Shop featuring the work of over 20 Interlake Wave Studio Tour artists.

570mm high x 290mm diameter, hand-built clay figure (glazed, oxide stains, and cold finishes), a turned wooden base, and assemblage with found miniature roller skates.

“Too often, we hear from others that we are incapable of, or unsuited for, things we haven’t done before. In the absence of external motivation, we are left to draw on inner resources to achieve the unexpected.
You go, Girl!”

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