Thank you for your visit!

15 June 2009

The 8th WAVE Artists Studio Tour the past two days was once again a big success—in no small part thanks to the 135 visitors who dropped by for a studio visit over the weekend. It’s great to get feedback on works (both finished and in-progress) and to be able to explain my process and eclectic oeuvre (which many think is just plain wierd… hence the studio name “What?”). The last few weeks have been a blur of activity finishing and mounting the collection of figurative sculptures I’ve worked on over the winter, as well as preparing various other ceramic and assemblage works.

Images: A tired ‘me’ posing with Wallflower after the tour ended last night; the outdoor display of Uncultured Enigmas which proved to be popular again with visitors; Darwin’s Creation (Enigmas offer clues to missing links, in honour of Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday this year); $10 Chokers (lots in stock right now); prototypes and one-offs from a new series of Wall Stuff (beach belles, shoes, gitch, etc.…); and Peer Pressure, social commentary re: failing corporatism and the workaholics who drive themselves down along with sinking enterprise.

Thanks again for your support! If you were unable to make it out this past weekend, I am available by prior appointment during the summer months—(please do e-mail me or call ahead if you plan to drop by to make sure I’m in: +1 204 782 3077).

And, please do plan to come by (again) on the September long weekend (5 & 6 September 2009) for the second self-guided round of the WAVE.

Many more of us live next door…

7 June 2009

My latest sculpture, Many more of us live next door…, went to the Fishfly Gallery today. Although I’ve collaborated with Rob on quite a bit of sculptural and assemblage work over the winter, this was the first sculpture we truly created jointly. Besides an enjoyable iterative process, I’m hoping this piece is also somewhat cathartic—I’ve had the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine song in my head ever since I first heard it 40 years ago (Yup, that’s the conceptual premise for this sculpture). Who knows? Perhaps the launch of this piece will also be a freeing experience…