Put on a happy face…




18 February 2019

Five years ago this month, a figurative ceramic sculpture of mine made its debut at an art show at The Cre8ery in Winnipeg. It was titled No Regrets and featured an elderly gentleman with two wise Latin maxims, “tempus fugit” (“time flies”) and “carpe diem” (“seize the day”), spelled out in repurposed  Scrabble™ tiles (mounted on up-cycled steel bicycle spokes) rising like carefully composed thoughts above his head.

To be honest, I was never completely happy with the original stain/finish on this piece… it somehow seemed just a bit too dark and somber and morose for the title ‘No Regrets.’ A gal’s allowed to change her mind, eh? After now living with this wise-yet-solemn figure for five years, it was now time for a facelift (along with a suitable re-name) — I’m pleasantly chuffed about both the updated persona and the overall result — Put on a happy face…

Youth & Crawe



15 February 2019

Youth & Crawe   Hand-built figurative ceramic sculpture with cold finishes, metal findings; on turned and polished wooden base.

535mm high x 240mm diameter

Serendipity, or key moments in life (such as the doorsill to adulthood) may reveal what the future holds in store…

Fiskimenn (Have you met the locals?)




10 February 2019

Fiskimenn (Have you met the locals?)   Hand-built figurative ceramic sculpture with cold finishes and findings, on a stained/waxed wooden base (old-growth fir).

434mm high x 290mm x 225mm

Living on the western shore of Lake Winnipeg, we frequently encounter the iconic Bombardier snowcats (first built in the 1940s) used by local, mostly Icelandic, fishermen. This piece is a sort of tribute to the hardy souls who brave the vast Lake — at all times of the year.

Prince Apparent

PrinceApparent _Evelin_Richter



19 January 2019

Prince Apparent  Hand-built figurative ceramic sculpture with cold finishes; on turned and stained rain tree wooden base.

360mm high x 245mm diameter

I was intrigued by the weathered villages we visited in Portugal last winter… and the images in my head no doubt expressed themselves here in clay. You sometimes wonder about the official history that is told of a place… 

Hope Springs Eternal




5 January 2019

Hope Springs Eternal  Hand-built figurative ceramic sculpture with glazes and cold finishes; on turned and stained rain tree wooden base.

455mm high x 285mm diameter

Winters are long and cold,
but I’ve learned to anticipate
the annual explosion of daisies
that spring brings…

Moving on…


5 January 2019

Moving on… Hand-built figurative ceramic sculpture with cold finishes; assemblage with mahogany sewing machine drawer and antique brass Griffen feet (found at the Thieves Market, Lisbon), findings. This piece may be wall-hung (a centered hanger is on the back) or free-standing, as shown here.

435mm high x 145mm x 130mm

Sculpting, sculpting…





26 October 2018

Even though I recently took a year’s sabbatical from making sculpture, it’s gratifying to know that there’s still “an appetite” for my work. Four of my figurative pieces have sold in the past few months — some through the Pulse Gallery (at The Forks, Winnipeg), and some directly to collectors who contacted me here, through my studio. I’m now back in the atelier sculpting away… timely, as the autumn seems to be turning less favourable for “playing outside.”

Sculptures recently sold: ‘Deep Within‘ (which went to Paris); ‘Carrot & Ginger‘; ‘Believe,’ my homage to aviator Amelia Earhart; and ‘Third Time Lucky,’ the metaphoric piece depicting a stressed, myopic lifeguard.

Happy autumn, Everyone!


23 September 2018

Well, it’s been a while, but I am back in the studio (after a year of Sabbatical). It feels good!

My studio is sporting a new roof, and I am putting up the storm windows in preparation for what they say will be a cold winter. Wood has been stacked for the stove, and my mind is a clutter of ideas… waiting to be “realized” as figurative sculptures. I am feeling the need for some new “studio buddies,” so let the work begin!

I’m getting back into the feel of clay by shaping a new batch of “Readers,” as most of the previous iterations were adopted by WAVE tour visitors during the summer, and there are folks who want some prior to Christmas. 

Best wishes!


Rejoice, rejoice…



2 September 2016

Rejoice, rejoice — you have no choice…  Hand-built figurative ceramic sculpture with cold finishes; assemblage with ornate antique bird cage, silver-plated dish, and hexagonal hardwood base.

410mm high x 300mm diameter

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